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SIS is pleased to be the sole U.S. Distributor of PowerTraveller products to government, military, healthcare, large industrial and OEM markets. [more]


(SIS) Shea Integration Solutions Corp. designs and manufactures high-density memory for Servers, PC's and Notebooks and Handhelds. We also provide high-density SD, SDHC, Micro SD, Compact Flash, and PCMCIA form factors.  Custom solutions include the (PIC) Personal Information Carrier, and PIC Adapter, currently deployed in the Middle East with the U.S. Marine Corps.  Our marketplace includes government, military, healthcare, commercial, financial, and international customers.  Our SIS CryptoFlash™ (Patent Pending) family of products have created true (SBTS) Secure Biometric Tamperproof Solutions that utilize high-density NAND Flash Memory with built-in User Authentication and Encryption Finger Print Sensor that provides many options in secure data storage for computer laptops, notebooks, and handheld devices.  These devices inherently meet HIPAA confidentiality requirements for any data stored on the card without requiring complex changes in applications.



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